Letters from Love - Poetry Book


'Letters from Love' is a collection of 101 simple poems, connecting you back to your core essence of love.

Throughout the pages of 'Letters from Love' you will be transported to connect again with your soul, with simplicity. Each page is infused with love, to uplift and inspire you.

The perfect gift for yourself in an act of self-love, a gift for a lover, a loved one; a family member, or friend.

'Letters from Love' is more than just a book, but a movement lifting us from the dark to the light, travelling its way throughout the world, on the wings of a butterfly spreading love everywhere it goes.

A beautiful way to use this book is to close your eyes and intuitively pick a page for the day, guiding you to connect deeper with your heart.

Product details:
13 x 20cm
128 pages
All books come in a protective cotton drawstring bag